We celebrate the 30th Anniversary!

Thirty years is just a moment in the context of our planet.

Which means we're just starting.

Before we go into a short recap, we want to share with you our most important finding.


Without members of our team, we would have nothing to celebrate. We appreciate the work of our employees and we do our best to keep them happy. A big part of our team are people who work for FOMEI for ten and more years.



In 1990 it all started, Ing. Josef Dostal and his partners founded FOMEI.


We launched the first FOMEI 35mm film camera with the trade name PQ-1.


A year later, PQ-1 was followed by the first camera with autofocus, FOMEI AF-5.


After the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, we founded FOMEI Slovakia s.r.o., at that time residing in small village Skycov near Nitra.


A new warehouse and company offices were opened in a newly rebuilt building of the old mill

This year the first FomeiTop was held.


We came up with a model FOMEI CLASSIC. It was our first binocular ever.


We extended our offer with tripods and bags for photographic equipment.


New Senza ZOOM 70 and 110 film cameras
with multifocal lenses.


SLS - 4001ML - the first FOMEI flash.


In 1999 we bought a building of former Ceramics Research Institute. This complex is our main headquarters to this day. Development, production, warehouse, and service center are all located in one place.


Foreign expansion continued with the establishment of a subsidiary company MEDIKON Polska in Warszaw.


A new line of studio flashes, FOMEI Black, arrived at the shop counters.


The first catalog of a comprehensive range of binoculars and riflescopes.


The production of FOMEI Diplomat binoculars began in 2003 and it is still very popular.


At Photokina show, we showed MicroLab, a system for making digital photos real.


In 2005, we started production of coin operated binocular OBSERVER 100. Today, FOMEI observation binoculars can be found in dozens of locations across Central Europe.


We started cooperation with new distributors in the Baltic countries - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.


We started production of Digitalis flashes. Till today, they are popular for their uncompromising durability and quality.


We have become the main distributor of DNP thermosublimation printers and consumables. Currently, DNP solutions are the main tool of event photographers.


Catalog of complete range of professional equipment for TV, video and film.


The Digital Pro X series flashes from the beginning of production had the possibility of remote control from PC / MAC, later also from Android or iOS device.


We launched new FOREMAN riflescopes.


First light with LED technology in our offer.


The sale of EPSON SureLab minilab solution has begun.


We launched the production and sale of our FOMEI Collection a FomeiJet photopapers for desktop and LF photo printing.


We started production of FOMEILAB medias for dry minilabs.


Beginning of sale of riflescopes 4-16x56 from BEATER PRL series.


Battery flash with full HSS and TTL support
with intelligent triggers for Canon and Nikon.


100th installation of MicroLab.


Before the end of the year we introduced a major technological innovation, a pocket RGB LED light with fast charging and a metal body.


Over the years, we have also been involved in supporting sports activities, from football to climbing ascents.


Studio equipment

  • LED lights
  • studio flashes 
  • softboxes
  • stands
  • photobackgrounds
  • ceiling systems

Printers & papers

  • printers for professionals
  • minilabs
  • medias for inkjet printers
  • consumables for thermosublimation
  • photopapers
  • photofinishing


  • binoculars
  • riflescopes
  • collimators
  • spotting scopes
  • coin operated binoculars
  • accessories


We provide light to amateurs and professionals, help illuminate artistic and commercial photography ideas, and we are a bunch of people who are into photography whole life.

When developing and manufacturing our technology, we give maximum attention to feedback from our customers. For pre-production testing, we run the FOMEI AMBASSADOR program, where the best European photographers are involved.

7 team members

Seven people who are always ready to answer every question about our products quickly and accurately.

10 000+ sold flashes

Our lights can be found in hundreds of photographic studios, where they are popular especially for their durability and quality.

11 EU countries

You can purchase FOMEI products from our distributors in eleven European countries, including Finland and Portugal.

Main tech trends for 2020

We are constantly moving forward along with development and trends.

RGBW technology

This year we will continue to improve our permanent RGB LED lights.

Flexible LED panels

Durable flexible panels became a hit in 2019. We are currently preparing new improved versions of these panels.

TTL flashes

Studio flashes are not dead, our professional TX range flashes are compatible with Canon, Nikon, FujiFilm and Sony cameras. 


The photo printing section is primarily engaged in the production and sale of photo material for inkjet printers and distribution of thermosublimation printers from DNP and EPSON. Provides professional care for compatible media and printers, including a complete catalog of ICC profiles.

7 team members

Photo printing experts provide complete services, from initial consultation to post-warranty service.

300 installed STUDIO Professional

Together with the Mirage software, the STUDIO Professional Large Format Solution in 2011 was a huge gamechanger for FineArt printers.

3000+ created ICC profiles

Over 3,000 ICC print profiles created for our media and your printers.

Plans for 2020

The main mission is to continue in what we do, that is to sell and love to take care of the tools and papers for making and adjusting photos.

Art Certified media

Art Certified media are tested by the Czech Metrology Institute and have proven their precise color fastness.

Collection Jazz Art 310

New photo paper with high archiving potential suitable for gallery purposes and quality image reproductions.


We will continue with the utmost care to create ICC profiles for new photo printers on the market.


The wide range of FOMEI binoculars and riflescopes is popular in hunting, ornithology, and hiking. The FOREMAN® and BEATER® riflescopes meet high demands for sport shooting and hunting passion.

We develop and include FOMEI products for sale based on regular market research. A special team of technicians provides a strict outgoing inspection of every product in our product.

5 team members

Our optical technology experts are always able to advise and guide you to the right product.

250 000+ sold binoculars and riflescopes

Since 1994, we have sold more than a quarter of a million units in Czechia, Slovakia and our European distributors.

303 models of binoculars

In 26 years, we have brought 303 models of binoculars and riflescopes to the market.

What's going to happen in 2020

New optics catalog

After thorough preparations, we finally in January printed our new catalog. Available at all exhibitions and at our distributors.

FOREMAN® Riflescopes

Hunting riflescope with sporting ambitions with perfect aperture and wide magnification range will be launched during spring.

Spotting Scopes FOREMAN

In spring, FOREMAN®, the most powerful observation telescope, will be available for sale with ED glass components for high resolution and image contrast.